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By hosting a Helium hotspot you can earn HNT tokens for providing network coverage.

  • By hosting a Helium hotspot you can earn HNT tokens for providing network coverage.
  • Token earnings depend on your geographic location.
  • By hosting a Helium hotspot you can earn HNT tokens for providing network coverage.
  • I cover…

  • We are in the growth stage of DeFi where new protocols are showering participants, and themselves, with governance tokens.
  • Rewards from one protocol are re-invested in another protocol to earn more rewards, and so on. The system is multi-layered.
  • The value…

Six reasons I’m considering maximalism.

  1. Proof of Work is underrated by the general public.
  2. Bitcoin Lightning is fast and cheap for doing transactions.
  3. Privacy is better with Bitcoin/Lightning than with Ethereum.
  4. Non-bitcoin non-ethereum cryptos seem to be no more than…

Virtual Exhibit, Competitive Advantages of Celo, How is Bitcoin Lightning used?

  1. Sagrada Barcelona — a virtual reality photo exhibition.
  2. What are the competitive advantages of Celo? My view is a) stables and b) optics bridge.
  3. How Bitcoin Lightning is used for real world payments? El Salvador have now rolled out for paying using Bitcoin Lightning. Actually, payments can be denominated in US dollars, but they are routed through the lightning network. I was skeptical but I think this could make sense.
  4. A hilarious video if you’ve seen Wolf of Wallstreet.

Bridges, physical attacks, UBI donations.

  1. A phenomenal video covering “Bridges”. Bridges allow tokens to move between different blockchains. With more bridges, the whole cryptocurrency system becomes more interoperable, increasing economies of scale and network effects — which overall should be good for crypto.
  2. Record of physical attacks on crypto owners. How to protect yourself from physical attacks.
  3. How to donate to UBI using crypto — Impact Market. This platform is decentralised in the sense that you can choose a community and directly send funds — with no intermediary. However, communities are approved centrally.
  4. How to donate to UBI using crypto — Give Crypto. This is focused on Venezuela and supported by Vitalik, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase and Balaji. It’s unclear form the website how donors are chosen other than “ambassadors on the ground”.

Helium rewards tank while token moons, Bitcoin Lightning PLUS DeFi Debacles

  • Helium rewards rate is down, but price is up!
  • How Bitcoin lightning works
  • My take on the Uniswap Flipside debacle

Plus Surplus Buffers, Preventing Governance Attacks, and Vitalik Challenges How DAOs vote

Crypto Index Funds PLUS Ethereum 2.0 vs alternatives.

  • Crypto Index Investing.
  • Ethereum 2.0 vs Polygon vs Celo. Decentralisation versus Transaction Speed.


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