Weekend Links — Jan 8 2022

Hi folks, I managed to get through quite a bit of reading this last week. Here were the best articles:

  1. Vitalik’s 2021 Review (Vitalik Buterin, ethereum founder):

2. Punk 6529 on how to invest in crypto:

Moxie (founder of Signal) with a great piece questioning web3 and making the point that much of what works well (like Opensea) is not decentralised:

3. Reflections on the future of Stablecoins:

a. Vitalk Buterin from back in 2014 (link to his blog)

b. Blog from Trelis.com:

c. Ideas for new stablecoins on Celo, forum post.

4. Tokenization:

a. Vitalik on the problems with token based platforms.

b. FTX’s whitepaper, including how their FTT token is designed.



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